How to use Alerts

Alerts are reminders that notify you of important information when you need it. To be active you must setup and turn on the alerts you want. To stop receiving alerts simply delete them at any time.

There are three alerts available:

1. Daily summary. This alert is sent once a day, every day, and includes the balance for the account and any transactions that have cleared your account since the previous day's alert.

2. Balance Below. This alert is sent if your balance falls below an amount you have entered into the alert setup screen. For example, if you set $100 to be the alert value then your balance changes from $150 to $75 you will receive an alert.

3. Balance changed. This alert is sent if your balance changes either up or down from one day to the next. If your balance does not change no alert is sent.

All alert functionality is accessed from the Alert Home screen. You can create alerts for each account, delete alerts or edit the value for the Balance Below alert. For example, if you want a low balance alert for your checking account and another one for your saving account you have to setup alerts for each account separately.

Note: Your phone must be enrolled for SMS before enabling above alerts.